Western Australian landscape photographer

Welcome to my online gallery of Western Australian landscape photography

I live in the seaside city of Busselton in the south-west of Western Australia. My family and I moved here in 2003 from Perth for a change of lifestyle.

I have a working background in engineering drafting and design, but cameras have never been far away. I started learning photography with film cameras quite a while before the digital era began. I mostly photographed landscapes and nature, with a little bit of underwater. I was fairly quick to move to digital photography as the technology rapidly developed and I can honestly say that I have never missed the film era.

Landscape photography became one of my favourite ways of exploring our new south-west home and even though there was always a distant dream to do more with it, I wasn’t seriously thinking of it as an occupation. When the global financial crisis struck in 2007, I found my regular work in the mining industry was disrupted and the opportunity arose for my wife and I to undertake a  small business program to develop a new business. This program enabled us to focus on developing landscape photography as a business and during this 12 month period, we were able to build it into a serious part-time venture which gradually grew over the years until it became a full-time occupation in 2014.

As a photographer, I fall into the category of self-taught, most of my learning has come from books and online. Other than that, it has been a lot of practice in the field, in the digital darkroom and learning the art of fine art printmaking. We also frame most of the artworks ourselves.

It has been more work than I could have imagined and the truth is I don’t take photos as often as I would like because managing a small business and manufacturing most of our own products requires a lot of my time, but the mix of all the activities is the most challenging and rewarding work I have ever done. Fortunately, I have not been alone in this venture. I have had a lot of encouragement and support at home. My wife Lesley and son Chris have been by my side from the very beginning and have joined me on many photo trips and adventures and became a vital part of the business over the years. They have both helped in so many ways and it is enough to say that it would never have happened without them and it is still very much a family business today. We are also very fortunate to have a great team of reliable & dedicated staff to help us run the gallery. We have also had a lot of support from local people, businesses and visitors to the area and we are very grateful for that because we couldn’t keep doing this for long without it.

My images are predominantly taken in the southern half of Western Australia with the majority in the shires of Busselton and Margaret River-Augusta. I love to explore this area and feel so fortunate to be close to such natural beauty and relatively unspoilt wilderness. By living here I gain a lot of local knowledge and have the opportunity to visit locations as many times as it takes to capture images at the right times.

Photography can be similar to music in its capacity to generate a strong emotion or connection and over the years I have seen up close the positive effect that images of natural beauty have in our homes and workplaces. Images sit silently on our walls but they speak in their own powerful way to inspire a greater love and care for our beautiful world and uplift our spirits. It was my love for the natural world that drew me to landscape photography and I hope that my work can make a contribution to the urgent worldwide movement to protect our beautiful but fragile natural world.

In September 2014 we opened our own Gallery in Fig Tree lane, Busselton. Our online gallery is a great place to browse a large collection of Western Australian landscape photography but the physical gallery gives you an opportunity to inspect the quality of our images and framing up close and to discuss the many options available. We have many different sizes on display from small souvenirs to wall-filling display pieces and you can also see a variety of framing choices.

We hope to see you soon.