See our images in your own room by email.

One of the best ways to take all the worry and guesswork out of selecting artwork is to use our Room View Service.

This complimentary email service will enable you to visualise what our images will look like in your own room with your own furniture and colours.

Our clients frequently tell us how much this service has helped them to make decisions with confidence.

We don’t provide this service for our smallest sizes or gift items.

If you would like to use our Room View Service please follow these simple steps:

  • Email a digital photo of your room to  Try to include enough of the wall, furniture and other surroundings so that we can see the setting that your artwork will be in.
  • Provide wall height and width measurements or measurements of a piece of furniture in the photo. If you are unsure about what measurements to take, just send the photo and we will request what we need.
  • Provide the image code and size of the images you are interested in. If you are unsure of size, we can assist. 
  • Let us know the framing style you are interested in (i.e. stretched canvas, framed etc.) or ask us for our recommendations.
  • We will email your photo back to you with our images placed on your wall at the correct size.

This service is free of any obligations.