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Wyadup Spa Photos, Wyadup, Yallingup, Western Australia


One of the Southwest’s hidden gems, the Wyadup Spa has become a tourist sensation in recent years.
The spa consists of a small pool among the rocks, with waves from the ocean rushing through a natural gap and over the rocks before flooding into the often calm waters of the natural pool. It is very much like being in a spa, with cool, clear blue water.  It is also an area to be very careful because danger is only one large swell away. The surrounding rocks and the natural pool itself can be completely inundated by dangerous fast-moving water in a matter of seconds. Pick your day to frolic in this location with care and always keep an eye on the swells that are coming through.

Wyadup Spa is south of Yallingup, with Injidup Beach on one side and Canal Rocks on the other. The spa is easily found, by following the pathways to the left of the Wyadup carpark and then following them to the right around the rocks, where it’s nestled in a valley between the rocks.”

Wyadup Spa photos –  Yallingup, Western Australia

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