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Greens Pool Photography, Denmark, Western Australia

Greens Pool photography
Greens Pool photography


Greens Pool is an incredibly beautiful, sheltered beach with turquoise waters, perfect for a swim. It’s one of those places that makes you glad you made the effort to visit and for many, it will become a place to return to again. Greens Pool is famous for its large granite boulders that shelter the pool from the often rough Southern Ocean. Early morning swimmers and daytime visitors are almost always guaranteed a safe place to swim in this unusually well-protected location.  The beach is quite long, making it a great place for a walk while you take in the stunning coastal scenery of William Bay. It is a world-class tourist attraction at the edge of William Bay National Park. Greens Pool is a marine nature sanctuary and is home to a wide variety of marine life making it a great place for snorkeling. 

The area facilities have recently been upgraded to accommodate an increase in tourist visitation as images and experiences about this area spread by mouth and social media.  

Just a short walk along a trail from Greens Pool is another popular spot, known as Elephant Rocks. These rocks are known for resembling a herd of elephants, due to their solid, rounded, and enormous shapes, and a short drive within the national park will bring you to two pristinely beautiful beaches called Madfish Bay and Waterfall beach. All these locations are frequently sheltered and represent some of the best swimming opportunities on the often rough Southern coastline. Care should always be taken to assess safety as ocean conditions can make even these places dangerous to the unaware.

The vast natural beauty of the area is perfect for photography, you could easily spend weeks and still have more to explore!

Greens Pool Photography Western Australia – These photos are available as framed and unframed prints in a variety of media.

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