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Conspicuous Beach Photos – Walpole, Nornalup


Conspicuous Beach and Conspicuous Cliff is a well-known and very spectacular location on the Walpole Coast. It is named for the small limestone cliff face, which sits up on top of the huge steep grassy hill.

You can walk up to the lookout on top of one of the hills, which has a spectacular panoramic view of the cliff and beach below. The lookout views across the wild Southern Ocean, with powerful waves constantly pummelling the shore as they roll in. There is also a pathway and boardwalk down to the beach. It is nearly always too dangerous to swim here as there are strong currents running along the beach that can sweep you into deep water very quickly. On occasion, whales can be spotted swimming past. Next to the boardwalk, there is a small creek that flows gently into the ocean. Occasionally during winter, this creek becomes heavily coloured by the tannins that come from decaying vegetation. This can give it a rich yellow, orange or even a deep red colour.

It is definitely a spot that is worth visiting if you’re in the area and offers plenty of photo opportunities.

Below is a selection of Conspicuous Beach Photos and other images from the Walpole area which are available as framed and unframed prints in a variety of media.

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