How to send your digital image to us

The best way to get started with our canvas printing and stretching service is to send us a copy of your digital image.

Once we have your image we can quickly help you determine the most suitable print sizes based on:

  • aspect ratio or “shape” of the image.
  • resolution of the image.
  • any size or budget information provided by you.

Be assured that your digital image will be handled with care and will not be used for any purpose other than producing your canvas print. We respect your copyright and will delete your digital file once the print is successfully completed.

How to send your digital image to us

1. Copy it to a storage device i.e. USB drive or memory card, CD or DVD and bring it to our gallery or

2. Email your digital image to – Email services can usually send attachments up to 20MB. If you have any trouble emailing then use the next option

3. Use the FREE file transfer service – for large files (up to 2GB). This service can be used to send both large and small files.

How to use WeTransfer to send a file to us



Click here to visit the WeTransfer website


4. Dropbox – If you are already a Dropbox user then that is another easy option. If you are not already a Dropbox user then it will be easier to use one of the other options above.

How to use Dropbox to share a file with us

  • Sign in to
  • Create a new folder in your Dropbox and copy into it the file you want to share with us.
  • Hover your cursor over the new folder you want to share.
  • Click the blue Share button that appears.
  • Enter our email address: to share the folder with us.
  • Select “Can edit” from the pull-down menu.
  • Add a message about the files and click Share, include your name & contact phone number.
  • We will receive an email notification that you have shared a file with us.

Contact Phil on 0428 334 873 if you have any questions