Welcome to the Online Gallery.

I live in the Southwest town of Busselton in Western Australia. I moved here in 2004 from Perth with my wife and young family. It was one of those ‘seachange’ things, and I’m very glad we did it.

I have a working background in engineering drafting and design, mostly in oil, gas and mining, but cameras have never been far away. I learnt with film cameras and slide film, mostly photographing landscapes and nature, with a short sortie into underwater. I was fairly quick to move to digital photography as the technology rapidly developed.

As a photographer, I fall into the category of self-taught, most of my learning has come from books and online. Other than that, it has been a lot of practise in the field, in the digital darkroom and learning the art of fine art print making.

My move into landscape photography was a bit unexpected, not that I wasn’t interested, in fact I was very actively taking lots of local images. It was one of my favourite ways of exploring our new home. I was even selling some quite large pieces in a few local outlets, but I wasn’t seriously thinking about it as a business.

Then came along a period of instability in the mining industry and suddenly, I had a lot more time and reason to focus on my photography. It is now my full-time occupation

I have had a fabulous response from local people, businesses and visitors to the area. I am very grateful for that, because I couldn’t keep doing this for long without it. I’ve also had a lot of encouragement and support at home.

As you have probably noticed, my images are predominantly about the South West area where I live. It is my area of special interest. There is so much right here on my doorstep. I enjoy a trip elsewhere from time to time and the gallery will slowly reflect that as these trips occur, but I am in no hurry.

For me, photography and art have blended together. This doesn’t mean that I think all my photos are artworks, but I really enjoy the opening that digital photography has provided for more creative expression when I want to use it.

So grab a cuppa and enjoy a leisurely browse through the Online Gallery. Perhaps you will discover a new place to explore or be reminded of somewhere you know well.

In September 2014 we opened our own Gallery in Fig Tree lane, Busselton. If you have enjoyed the online gallery, then please pay us a visit and see the images up close for yourself. We have many different sizes available from small souvenirs to wall-filling display pieces and you can also see a variety of framing choices on display.